Challenges And Opportunities For Women Workforce In UAE/Dubai

Women in UAE are give full liberty of getting education, choosing of profession, health and safety, human rights. Women are continuously providing their contribution in the process of national development in all sectors and in all aspects.


  • Lives Of Women In UAE
  • Role Of Women In The Traditional Society
  • New Policy And Strategies For Women Empowerment
  • Women Development In Education, Business, Politics

Lives Of Women In UAE:

This is truly a myth that women in UAE are not liberal and usually gets lesser number of opportunities to work in Govt. and private sector companies. As per the report released by UAE Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs (MFNCA) that approximately 50% of the national population is women and working as front line workforce in both private and public sectors without facing any favoritism. There is no point of saying that women in UAE are not liberal and have lesser rights to growth opportunities.

Role Of Women In The Traditional Society:

There is a tendency around the world in development countries that they women are necessary part of society as they help us making our family and society better and create cultural values in our daily life. Women have always been considered as a main support of life and social structure of the UAE. Thinking has got changed now after starting of the modernization progress in a dynamic way. UAE Govt. took some necessary steps to promote women empowerment in all field and aspects. UAE is fully dedicated to develop women’s professional excellence. All field opportunities are open for women.

New Policy And Strategies For Women Empowerment:

UAE Govt. started making new policies and a strategic planning for implementation of these policies has been made with this aim that all sectors and areas welcome women by providing them chance to prove their ability, knowledge and experience. Women are able to manage the traditional as well as their new image of modern women in the society without facing any discrimination as the state legislation in the UAE do not differentiate on the basis of gender with respect to education, employment or the quality of services provided.

Women Development In Education, Business, Politics:

Women has shown their talent and natural capabilities in education where the annual report shows that women in the UAE are getting enrolled more in graduation program from couple of years and showing good results. This has been observed in a survey that women in Emirates have more desire to be stand independently in their profession and achieve financial growth base on their own skills, education and talent. Women have also shown their presence in the Federal National Council (FNC) local consultative councils, they are also participating in many policy making roles in federal cabinet, ministries and local government bodies.

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