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Top 5 Savory Dishes of Dubai you Should Not Miss

Dubai has emerged as a premiere destination for world-class entertainment, luxury and cuisine and attracts millions of tourists worldwide. So, if Dubai is next on your list for the love of food, apply for an Online Dubai Visa with all the requisite documents and get your Visa to Dubai quick without any hassle. Planning your Dubai Tourist Visa through a Visa agency is really a quick and swift process and you can enjoy your holidays in the land of skyscrapers without any worries. I am listing down top 5 mouth-watering and scrumptious dishes which are a must to have while you visit Dubai:

Falafel – Made from ground chickpeas or fava beans or both, these deep-fried balls or patty are a sheer bliss. This traditional middle-eat food can be your delightful snack or a side dish with other appetizers. The variety of spices added makes it one of the must-have dishes of Dubai, which can be eaten within a wrap or stuffed in pita bread.

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Al Harees- Al Harees is one exotic dish of United Arab Emirates and one of the most marvelous dish of Arab cuisine. Made with smoothened wheat, meat and a pinch of salt, this simple yet exotic dish would tempt you for the second serving for sure. Taking a very long preparation time after being cooked in boiling water and then in clay pot overnight, this dish is usually served during Ramadan, Eid festivals and weddings. You can add ghee over the top to relish its flavors and making it more delicious.

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Al Machboos– Just imagine a large platter of rice, onions and meat seasoned with spices, dried lemon and salt. Exciting! Isn’t it? Well, this spicy treat is one of the most popular dishes of Dubai and a must try if you are a meat lover. The rich blend of meat and spices make it a heavenly treat for those who love to savor on something tangy and spicy.

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Shawarma- Shwarma is widely eaten across Dubai and can be prepared and served with so many variations. Made with lamb or chicken, Shawarma is accompanied with a variety of colorful vegetables, pickles, garlic sauce, tomatoes and fries and wrapped in a roti or bread. It has a high demand in the country and often served with different variations. People often order Shawarma with a drink consisting a blend of strawberry and Banana.

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Stuffed Camel- Sounds weird! Isn’t it? Well-stuffed camel is the real Arabic feast and the recipe has been mentioned in the Guinness Book as “largest item on any menu in the world”. The whole camel is cooked and stuffed with lamb, chicken, fish, eggs and rice. But you simply cannot expect to visit any restaurant and order it as it is rare and served by elite families in wedding ceremonies for prominent Arabic class.

Dubai never ceases to amaze the food lovers with its amazing flavors and spices and if you want to explore the traditional Emirati Cuisine, Dubai would be a heaven for you.

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