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Dubai Laws to Make you Informed for your Intended Visit to Dubai

Undoubtedly, Dubai is a perfect destination for a long holiday but the laws and customs of the country are a bit strict to set a standard for right behavior according to their culture. If you are planning to visit Dubai for a holiday and have applied for your Dubai visa then it is quite important to know about the Dubai customs and laws to ensure that you do not land yourself in any problem.

Alcohol – It is acceptable to drink for the non-Muslim residents but they need to have a liquor license, which would give them the authority to drink at home and other licensed venues. Such a license is solely valid for the Emirate, which issues this license, but you still need to be cautious because getting out in public places after getting completely drunk is also a punishable offense.

Dress code – Dubai has a standard for a decent dress code, which states that the women should wear clothes, which cover the top of the arms and full legs. However, it is allowed to wear the swimming attire but only at the beaches and swimming pools.

Extramarital affair – The next important factor to be kept in mind is that sex without or outside marriage is illegal. If the authorities get to know about such an issue then you and your partner will be prone to the risk of imprisonment, prosecution, deportation or a huge fine.

Drugs – Dubai is serious about drugs with severe penalties for possession, smuggling or trafficking of drugs. The possession of drugs in even smaller quantities is illegal and the minimum penalty for such an offense is four years of imprisonment.

All the above-mentioned laws appear to be strict but overall they make Dubai one of the safest countries you can choose for a great holiday. If you take care of these above-mentioned points then it is a great place for a perfect holiday. So, don’t waste time, apply for your Dubai tourist visa, and set out for an amazing holiday after receiving your visa for Dubai.

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