Dubai Ramadan 2018- A Different Experience in the Desert

Dubai Ramadan 2018


Ramadan is the holy-month during which people fast from dawn to dusk. It cultivates the importance of discipline in life. According to tradition, Ramadan begins on the day when the crescent moon is high in the night sky. This year, it is likely to be seen on May 17 2018. This day will mark the beginning of Ramadan. According to the Hijri calendar, Ramadan month will start on the 30th day of the ninth month of Sha’ban in the year 1439. (May 17 2018).


If you are planning to visit Dubai in the month of Ramadan then apply for your Visa to Dubai before you miss out on all the fun and festivities. You can explore and experience the festive feasting and culture of Dubai by visiting the different events, fairs, exhibitions that will be organized specially during the Ramadan month. Get your Dubai Visa early and don’t miss out on any of these events.


Ramadan is a month in which people fast for the whole month. People don’t eat food during the daylight hours. Everyone eats a meal before the sun rises up and fast for the rest of the day. The fast is broken in the evening with Iftar. Iftar is the special meal that signifies the end of the fast on that particular day.


The month of Ramadan teaches people the importance of discipline and self-control. It teaches people abstinence. It is not easy to change eating habits and eating patterns during the month of Ramadan. It takes great self-control and courage to stay hungry everyday for a month. During Ramadan, people go about their work with the same dedication as they do during the non-Ramadan months.


While the days are quiet and calm and people embrace the warm temperatures of the day with the beginning of summer, the nights are equally active and full of vigor. The markets are lively and full of festive feeling. People can shop for fashion, electronics, handicrafts and even home accessories. Great deals and discounts are offered at the shops. The night market offers different cuisine to help break the fast.


Arts and crafts fair are also widely organized during the month which offers a glimpse to the vibrant nightlife in Dubai. Movie screening, special themed Iftar parties and art workshops add to the festive experience.


Shopping in Dubai is an experience in itself. During Ramadan, the malls extend their opening times to accommodate the festive mood of the shoppers. Many different events are organized to keep people interested. Special sales and discounts are also offered to the shoppers to share the holy spirit of Ramadan.


Special Iftar dishes are created by different restaurants to offer people a unique taste. People can break their fast by enjoying these special dishes which might only be available during the month of Ramadan.


Look at the world from the top of the world’s tallest building while breaking your fast. Don’t miss out on your chance to travel to Dubai. Apply for your Dubai visa now as 17 May is not far away.