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The Grand Mosque, Dubai- Spirituality in the Air

The Grand Mosque is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates between the Textile Souk and Dubai Museum built originally in 1900 and then recreated in the year 1960. The Mosque and its architectural beauty are worth capturing and though Non- Muslims are not permitted to enter the mosque but they can enter the area where photography is allowed in the Minaret. The mosque is absolutely stunning and grand with the tallest minaret in the city (230 feet) and is one of the largest mosques of the United Arab Emirates.

The Grand Mosque in Dubai has multiple domes and can accommodate up to 1200 worshippers; a visit to this mosque is highly recommended if you are visiting Dubai. The Grand mosque depicts the Islamic Architectural design and was recreated to restore the traditional style is a vital center for Islamic culture, history and prayers. A large number of people visit this Mosque in UAE and are advised to dress modestly in and around the mosque. The original structure was a Quranic School, which offered elementary school education and girls and boys used to learn the way to recite the Holy Quran.  The peaceful surroundings, amazing architecture, stunning interiors, immaculate beauty and the painted ceilings are necessary see if you are visiting this iconic city.

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The calm and inviting backdrop will take you to a completely different time zone where you can enjoy the historic and cultural insight of Islam. You can come near the Mosque during night or evening, which is the perfect time for photography enthusiasts, and the illuminated mosque is a stunning sight at that time. Visitors should take care to dress appropriately even when around the mosque and maintain silence. The only mosque, which accepts foreign visitors and is open to Non-Muslims is the Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai which is one of the most beautiful and most photographed Mosques in Dubai.

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