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Wild Wadi Water Park – Dubai

Planning a surprise vacation for your kids and confused about the destination? Then don’t tax your brain much as Dubai is the perfect destination to give them the much needed break and an exciting, fun-packed holiday. From adventure parks to beaches, water parks to luxurious hotels, Dubai offers never ending exciting experiences for your entire family, particularly the kids. One among them is the Water Park known as the Wild Wadi Water Park, which is located in Dubai, opposite to the iconic Burj Al Arab. This water park has been themed around a character from ancient Arabic Folklore- Tale of Juha.

This Wild Wadi Water Park in Dubai tops the list of “To do Things” in Dubai and for obvious reasons. The rides are absolute fun and the kids have a lot much to get excited about, as there is something for every age and size. From water guns and racing slides for your little ones to the adrenaline pumping slides for the adventure seekers in your family, this park should surely make it to your travel itinerary for Dubai. The park is very well designed and every slide states the information as to what kind of person can use them as certain slides are unsuitable for specific section of people like people with certain disabilities or medical conditions. The staff is amazing and will ensure that you have a flawless and exciting day at the park away from the heat of desert.


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One of the best rides at Wild Wadi Water Park and the most popular one is Jumeirah Sceirah featuring two tandem slides. Firstly, the guests have to climb the tower, which is 32 metres high giving a spectacular and amazing view of the entire park. You can’t imagine the thrill and anticipation which this ride renders soon after the countdown as the launch chamber in the capsules takes you vertically down the slide that too at the speed of 80km/hr. The rush and speed is enough to pump the adrenaline in you making it the best experience of the park. The other best is Wipeout and Riptide, which offers the guests an incomparable fantastic surfing experience. It’s a complete adventure in itself when seven tonnes of water is shot per second making it ideal for body-boarding and knee boarding. There are only four of such slides in the entire World and they are indeed fun.

For your kids, there is Juha’s Dhow and Lagoon, which is a kind of interactive play structure with so many water activities including slides, racing slides and water guns.  This feature was added to the Wild Wadi Water Park in 2005 to make the park an overall fun for the little ones too. The vibrant coloured slides, climbing frames and exciting features like dumping buckets that shower water on guests in every two minutes make this the best adventure for those little ones in the family. There are many other popular rides as well in the park, which will make your kids love you even more for the best day out.

So, while you visit Dubai and want a break from the scorching heat of desert, Wild Wadi Water Park can give you the required respite and adventure at the same time. For a Dubai Tourist Visa and information regarding Dubai Tourist Visa Fees, contact an Online Dubai Visa agency and get your Visa on time.

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