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Top Five Spas for an Extra Pampering on Your Dubai Holiday

This holiday visit Dubai and relax your stress hormones in the best spas of the country. Undoubtedly, there are innumerable holiday destinations to explore in Dubai but if you desire some extra pampering than a Dubai spa is the destination for you. They offer the best in class massage and spa sessions for delivering ultimate relief from your hectic routine life. The Dubai spas are not less than a source of sheer relief for every visitor. You can easily get your share of relaxation at these heavenly luxury spas simply by applying for your Dubai tourist visa and planning a perfect trip to Dubai. But before you start with your Dubai visa application process and trip planning, here is a list of best spas in Dubai which you should definitely try out –

Amara spa – The Amara spa is located at Park Hyatt Dubai and is a perfect place for a rejuvenating spa experience. The spa includes a variety of services namely the relaxing massages, facials and exclusive rituals and a lot more. They are known for using the ancient healing philosophies as an important element of their spa sessions, which makes it a perfect fit for restoring your tranquility with the help of spa therapies.

Armani spa – The Armani spa is a great combination of sophistication and class. The mesmerizing environment combined with the skills of spa professionals has earned a high image in the eyes of every visitor. This reviving place is renowned for its ability to fulfill individual needs and delivering an unforgettable experience through its spa therapy sessions.

One & only royal mirage – This royal spa is the best in offering diverse spa treatments with the separate sections for male and female customers. This mesmerizing spa showcases a traditional hammam with a heated marble table for a massage and is the best place for experiencing traditional massage therapies with over 12 individual therapy rooms.

The Mandara spa – This rejuvenating spa is located at the Atlantis Island and covers an area of 30,000 sq. ft. They offer a whole range of spa and massage therapies carried out within a broad space of 32 private spa therapy rooms. This place is also known for delivering an unforgettable spa experience by pooling the best of spa techniques from ancient African and traditional European spa.

Yhi spa – The Yhi spa is the perfect place to bring harmony and balance between your mind and body. Its professional and experienced spa therapists are known for stimulating the senses for a peaceful rescue at the end. If you need an ultimate relaxation then Yhi spa is the place for you.

When it comes to Dubai spas, tranquility is a norm rather than an exception. They are the experts of spa services who help you achieve a perfect equilibrium through their spa sessions. If you desire to enjoy relaxation and want some extra pampering then it is worth to visit Dubai this holiday. All you need to do is to apply for your Dubai tourist visa at an affordable Dubai visa fee charged by the private visa agencies and then plan a perfect trip for eliminating any hassle during your stay.

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