UAE/Dubai Visa Overview

If you ask me what is the best time to Visit Dubai then I will say, Season as always on for traveler in Dubai thought the best time to visit this wonderful city is winter and near November to February. This period you will have lots of options about Shopping, Tour Package, resorts happy long stays, different carnivals. You will surely get some ultimate deals on New Year eve.


Dubai is much liberal as compare to other emirates countries. Tourist from around the globe have influenced the local environment and created a friendly atmosphere for all travelers. If you all set to move in to Dubai, you should Apply For Dubai Visa and its is available after completing few easy steps its an Electronic Visa.

  • Visa Requirements
  • Send Supportive Docs
  • Travel Visa To Dubai
  • Business Visa To Dubai
  • Transit Visa

1. Visa Requirements:

You need to provide your passport scan copies; it should have 6 month validity. If you are applying from UK/US then you should scan the current visa page copy also. One latest photo with light background would be good. Its always better to check your passport validity before sending the docs.

2. Send Supportive Docs:

This has been noticed by some agencies that if you fail to show your intention for visiting Dubai then there may be some chances that you will not get visa. This is very clear that if we do not want to create illusion for Dubai Visa jury then you should provide your supportive docs like-marriage certificate, Invitation latter of your sponsoring company, your appointment letter of job. Husband or wife passport copy. These supportive docs can help you visa application one step ahead.

3. Travel Visa To Dubai:

It is generally known as short term Tourist Visa and its provide for 1-14 days then you can select for 30 days visa, it depends upon the requirements. Most of the travelers apply for 14 Days Dubai Visa.

4. Business Visa To Dubai:

If you are a business person then you should apply visa under this category and this is provided for 60 days to 90 days and its available with multiple entry.

5. Transit Visa:

This is available for those tourists, who all are going to a different destination via Dubai as resting place during your journey. Most of the time it is provided by the airlines for 24-48-72-96 hrs. Depending upon the conditions like -weather conditions (show falls, heavy rains) time gaps between flights (5-10 hrs).

If you Apply For Dubai Visa well in advance this would be a win-win situation for you as it take 3-5 working days time and its do not include Friday and Saturday.

All these information may help people for making their plans of traveling to Dubai. You choose whatever visa type but you get new happening things in Dubai always. Keep checking the new events and be there for your lifetime enjoyment for your memories.