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Top Three Extreme Sports for Adventure Lovers in Dubai

Dubai is known for its exotic beaches, luxurious lifestyle and endless entertainment options but very fewer people know that this country is also an ideal destination for adventure sports lovers. Here you can enjoy the extreme sports for gaining your fair share of adventure during your Dubai trip. So, let’s list down the best of adventure sports you can try in Dubai

Sky Diving – If you want to go through a super thrilling experience then sky diving is the sport for you. It is idealistic for a free falling experience and viewing the city of Dubai from a height of 13000 feet above the ground. However, only the people above 18 years of age with a weight less than 100 kg can try it and if you are eligible to try then this is one of the most fascinating adventures sports to try.

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Dune bashing – You can go for dune bashing with the whole of your family; one needs to be more than 3 years old to participate. All you need to do hire an SUV with an expert who will take you to explore the extremes of the Kalahari Desert along with dune bashing. You can also go for a desert camping experience with the help of a tour operator and spend a peaceful night under the stars.

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Shark Diving – Yes, you read it right; The Dubai mall displays a Giant aquarium and underwater zoo which inhabits plenty of marine species. Here you can go for a fascinating Shark Diving experience. Although, one needs to be at least ten years of age to participate and gain an unforgettable experience of swimming with the sharks.

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These are the top three enthralling sports for adventure lovers. However, there are many other fascinating sports to try, namely the sand boarding, Bungee jumping, Fly boarding, micro lighting, racing and a lot more to explore. If you are an adventure freak then apply for your Dubai visa without any further ado. You can do the task simply by hiring a private Dubai visa agency that provides Dubai visa services by the payment of an affordable Dubai visa fee.

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