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Five Possible Issues, Which can Lead to your Dubai, Visa Rejection

Visa rejection can be painful especially when you need to reach a destination on the desired date. However, there is always a reason for why the visa embassy rejects a visa application and one can reduce the chance of rejection simply by paying attention to some common mistakes committed by most applicants at the time of applying for the visa. Here is a list of factors, which should be taken care off to minimize the chances of your Dubai visa rejection

Errors in the visa application – The errors in the visa application can result if you do not fill up the Dubai visa application form properly. This mistake can happen due to lack of care and the applicant has to be careful while filling the form. Especially the mistakes in passport number, profession code, your name, passport expiry date and your date of birth will defiantly lead to visa rejection.

An unskilled professional – The second reason behind the Dubai visa rejection can be the unskilled profession of the applicant. If the applicant works as a farmer, laborer or pursues any other unskilled work then there are a high degree of chances that the embassy might reject his / her visa for Dubai.

Newly wedded couples – Dubai is an ideal honeymoon destination and if you are intending to visit with your newly wedded spouse then makes sure to submit the additional documents required to minimize your chances of rejection. The additional documents, which are required to be furnished, are the marriage certificate, wedding photograph and a no objection certificate from parents. If the applicant fails to furnish these additional documents then the chances of rejection are maximized.

Age limit – This one is specifically for the woman applicant under the age group of 24 years who is intending to travel alone to the UAE. In such a case, the applicant needs to furnish a letter from her spouse or parents along with her visa application or a visa application of an older relative with the same surname as the applicant can be furnished so that his/ her visa could work as a cover for the applicant.

Criminal record – The other negative factor, which could lead to visa rejection, is the past criminal record of the applicant. If the applicant has any past record of any misconduct, fraud or any other criminal offense then the UAE will defiantly reject his/ her visa application. In such a situation, it would be much better not to apply for a Dubai visa.

These were the major issues, which could lead to the rejection of your visa for Dubai. In case you are willing to apply for a visa to Dubai then stay updated and make sure you furnish fully correct information in your visa application. Also, pay attention to the above-mentioned guidelines to ensure that your visa application is successfully processed to help you get your visa on time. If you are still not confident about applying for your Dubai visa on your own then you can hire a visa service provider as well.

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