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Tallest Hotel of the world, Gevora opens in Dubai

Dubai never ceases to surprise with its extravagant and ostentatious hotels, and yet another addition to the Dubai’s skyline is the world’s tallest hotel Gevora, which opened its gates on February 12, 2018. The hotel is located at the famous Sheikh Zayed Road, near to the Dubai International Financial Centre. Developed by the Al Attar Group, Gevora is 356 meters high surpassing the previous tallest hotel (355 meter) of the world, JW Marriott Marquis which is in Dubai itself, by just a meter.



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The gold coloured hotel is a 75 storey tower with a luxury spa on the 71th floor, four restaurants, health club, Jacuzzi and an open-air pool deck as well. Gevora is three times the height of Big Ben and has 528 rooms, to offer the guests, unparalleled luxury and comfort. The towering landmark will give its guests, a chance to enter the hotel through the solid gold revolving doors as well. At the rooftop of the world’s tallest hotel, is located, a restaurant which will render the most panoramic views of the Dubai’s skyline and city. The hotel and the restaurants located will offer local and many international cuisines too.



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Dubai is quite popular among the visitors and offers the world, most amazing entertainment options. The tallest building of the world Burj Khalifa (828 meters) and world’s largest mall, Dubai Mall are among the favourites and attract tourists worldwide. Apart from these, Dubai Safari, Dubai Marina, Miracle Garden, Dubai Frame, Souks and Indoor Ski Resort make Dubai utmost desirable and worth taking a trip.


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