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Dubai job opportunity – things you need to know before settling down there

Dubai is considered to be a preferable city for work opportunities due to its high wages and low taxes. Here, it is important to note that Dubai is an Arab city which gives high regards to Muslim traditions and strict with its rules and regulations. So, if you are looking forward to work in Dubai and get your Dubai visa then here are a few things for you to know before proceeding with your Dubai visa formalities to proceed for a job opportunity in Dubai –


The cultural values should be respected – The thing you really need to pay attention to is the cultural values of the native residents. The Muslims pray five times a day and that is the time when people are called to the mosque for prayers. In general, any disrespect to the religious beliefs and practices will not be tolerated in this city at all.


Alcohol is only permissible at licensed places – Alcohol consumption is forbidden in Islam and is not acceptable in any case. Due to this consumption of liquor in public is illegal. Though, it is allowed for non – Muslims to have it but only at licensed venues which includes licensed bars and restaurants.


Public display of affection is not allowed – The holding of hands or any other forms of PDA’s are not allowed in the city of Dubai. It would be more appropriate to perform such acts of affection in private. So, if you are looking forward to pursuing a job in Dubai then all you need to do is to follow these rules properly and take care of your limits.


Premarital relations are illegal – The UAE is strict for various issues and there are several punishments for every offence one commits. One of the major offences includes sex outside marriage, even if you are a native resident or an expat from some other country.


In addition to this, one has to make sure to wear decent outfits and pay regards to the culture. If you comply with these rules then Dubai is an ideal destination for you to work. It is one of safest cities in the world to reside and is also an exotic destination to visit and explore work opportunities.

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