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Best Souvenirs you can Get Back from Dubai

If you are wondering what to bring back for your friends and family from your upcoming Dubai trip and confused about the unique souvenirs you can gift them, then you are at the right place. Just read on to know the best souvenirs you can buy from this amazing city of Middle East:

Camel Milk Chocolates- Made from camel milk, these quirky and heavenly delights are the best souvenirs to buy from Dubai. Camel-milk, which is well known for its health benefits combined with cocoa, dates and Arabian Spices results into the assortment of these camel-shaped chocolates and are must-haves.


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Dubai Dates- Often served in welcome and during Ramadan, Fresh and sweet  Dubai dates can be a good gift you can get for those in family who have a huge sweet-tooth and even better you can get dates filled with nuts like pistachios and almonds or orange peel. You can buy the extensive range of dates from Dates Souk, supermarkets or Bateel Outlets.

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Oudh and Bakhoor- Bakhoor are the traditional scented woodchips and are the heavenly scented fragrances which you can buy on your Dubai trip for your beloved ones. Oudh, on the other hand is an expensive perfumed (Fragrance) oil derived from resin and can be worn by both men and women. So, bring these distinct Arabian fragrances and surprise your loved ones with something really special and mesmerizing from Dubai.


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Pashmina Shawls- Pashmina shawls are one of the most preferred souvenirs from Dubai and can be the best remembrance you can get for your dearest female family member or friend. You can find a great variety of Silk and Viscose Pashmina shawls in Dubai that can fit into your budget too.

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Arabic Coffee Pots- If you are looking for a classic souvenir from Dubai for your loved ones, then the Arabic Coffee Pot is the best thing to choose. Also, known as “dallah”, you can choose simple ones made of copper suitable for daily use or you can buy the ones with beautiful stones affixed on them as decorative items.

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So, just choose among these souvenirs and bring the best token of remembrance for your loved ones in family and friends. Dubai has a lot to offer in terms of cuisine and on the entertainment front too; so get your Visa to Dubai, simply by contacting any Dubai Visa providing agency. All one needs to do is simply fill in the application form for Online Dubai Visa, complete the necessary formalities and get the Dubai Visa in just few days without any hassle or worry.

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