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Bollywood Parks Dubai- See Mumbai in Dubai

Bollywood is a synonym for action, thriller, suspense, comedy, dance, romance, drama and emotions. If you are a Bollywood, fan and in love with the spirit of Bollywood, then why not experience the fascination of this industry in Dubai as well? The legendary film industry of Mumbai has got its own space in Dubai in the form of themed parks that provide an unparalleled experience and entertainment making it the first ever in world Bollywood themed Park. So, plan your Visa to Dubai and book your Dubai Tourist Visa with the Visa agency on the payment of Dubai Visa Fees in order to visit this amazingly incredible world of Bollywood recreated in the city of Dubai.


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There are various phenomenal attractions and rides in the theme park distributed in the five zones:  Royal Plaza, Bollywood Boulevard, Mumbai Chowk, Rustic Ravine and Bollywood Film Studios featuring Hall of Heroes. If you love ancient, then you can get a chance to dine- in at the restaurant inspired by the Mughal Era. The Awadhi cuisine and the ancient setting are surely going to remind you of the very popular Bollywood movie Mughal-e-Azam (from which the name of the restaurant is inspired). The opulent Rajmahal Theatre is one that has all the magnificence and sumptuousness, giving you the perfect experience of spirit of Bollywood and royal palaces of India. The lavish theatre has the capacity of 856 seats and hosts many live shows. If you wish to enjoy a Bollywood inspired interactive show, then there is a show named “Bollywood Parks Remixed” featuring look a likes from Bollywood and major Bollywood hits. If this is not it, you can enjoy a thrilling show “Mumbai Express” of ten minutes of duration in the zone Mumbai Chowk where the performers perform on the train rooftop featuring typical Bollywood connection with trains.


If you want to experience the fun from the major Bollywood blockbusters, then enjoy the motion simulator based roller coaster ride inspired from the movie Lagaan giving you the feeling of village setting and rocky terrain. If you are a fan of Gabbar Singh and Sholay, then get ready for a fun-packed 3D multi-shooter dark ride. This immersive ride leading you on the Hunt for Gabbar Singh will be an experience in itself. Besides these, there are 4D multi sensory rides inspired by the big Bollywood names like RA. One and Krrish.


The Bollywood Parks Dubai unveils some of the unforgettable authentic Bollywood experience through live performances, thrilling Bollywood themed attractions, immersive 3D and 4D rides and much more. Apart from entertainment, you can enjoy the utmost delectable food inspired from Mumbai at some of the coolest dining options like Jumbo Cafe, Spicy Dhaba, Victoria Station and many more. Also, make sure that you stroll through every corner of the park and pick some souvenirs for your family members from the park. The park timings are from 4 pm to 12 am during winters and you can obtain any other information like facilities and tickets from the website of the park

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