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Dubai is a fascinating mix of the old and the new. Dubai is the most populated city in the United Arab Emirates. Located on the South East Coast of the Persian Gulf, it is the largest city in the UAE. The history of Dubai dates back to 3000 BC and its history is highly engrossing.

Today Dubai is an extremely popular tourist destination and its attractiveness is largely attributed to the highly attractive and sophisticated infrastructure, hospitality and shopping malls. In fact, the Burj Al Arab, recently voted as one among the world’s most luxurious hotels, is internationally recognised as a stunning symbol of modern Dubai. Helicopter trips from a phenomenal helipad, Rolls – Royces driven by chauffeurs, access to private beaches, rooftop pools and cabanas and a host of private butlers to wait on you hand and foot and are few of the facilities available to guests.


The current ruler of Dubai is Sheikh Mohammed Rashid Al Maktoum. He is also the Vice President, Prime Minister and Defence Minister of the United Arab Emirates. An Equestrian, he is the founder of the Maktoum family owned Godolphin Racing stable. He is also a breeder of thorough breeds and the owner of Darley which has its roots in six other countries. Sheikh Mohammed Rashid Al Maktoum is responsible for the creation and development of the various business and economic assets of Dubai.

The crime rate in Dubai is pretty low when compared to other nations. Dubai probably has a low crime rate due to the laws followed by it with penalties ranging from a night in prison to death as punishment according to the seriousness of the crime committed. People go to the United Arab Emirates to make money and the penalty for even a small crime is deportation and so generally people are extra careful and do not put a toe out of line. Also, the sheer number of security personnel employed to maintain law and order in Dubai is staggering. Though the threat of terrorist attacks is a matter of concern, there are constant look outs and CCTV cameras to monitor any suspicious activity and crime is generally not a problem to tourists. Incidences of reporting of crimes are also relatively low. Drug use, mostly among the local youth and abuse of the domestic help are frequently witnessed.

Getting a visa to travel to Dubai – business or pleasure is not an easy task. The United Arab Emirates has a strict policy regarding the grant of visas. They do not grant visas to people with criminal records. Dubai being a global business hub and drawing eager labour from across the world, the general procedure is that, the employer begins the necessary paperwork to obtain his employee, an employment visa. Only then, will the employee start the necessary paperwork from his side. A person can apply for a visa to Dubai on his own too.

Today, there are plenty of agencies, tour operators and various other service providers who make the process of obtaining a Dubai visa a cakewalk. A person has the option to apply online for a Dubai visa, but opting for an established agency is always preferred as it’s less troublesome.

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