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Fun activities to do at Kite Beach, Dubai

From a leisurely walk to sunbathing, kite surfing to fun-filled beach activities, beaches in Dubai offer the best of adventure and thrill. Kite Beach in Dubai, which is located near the iconic Burj Al Arab, offers the best of water sports for the adventure freaks.

Kite Beach, which is best known for its ideal kite surfing conditions, is quite popular among the Dubai’s kite-surfers. It is a heaven for the beach sports lovers and one can enjoy many sports like beach volleyball, beach tennis, football, kayaking along with kite surfing. There are There are kiosks & shops providing the gear and jogging & walking tracks for the fitness enthusiasts who also want to enjoy the serene beach view.


If you thinking about food, then do not worry! You will get pretty much everything at the Kite Beach. There are large varieties of food and drink outlets offering the best of lip-smacking food and refreshing drinks. In addition, if you are among those who have come to Dubai and want to learn kite surfing, then you can do that as well. There are plenty of certified kite surfing instructors who offer individual or group lessons for a fee at the beach and then you can have the adventure of lifetime trying this amazingly adventurous sport that will give you an ecstatic adrenaline rush. The parking at Kite Beach is absolutely stress free and you don’t need to worry much as private parking is also available. Last, but not the least, if your phone battery is dead, there are charging stations nearby so that you don’t have to rush anywhere to get your phones charged.

So, if this short account of Kite Beach excited you, plan your Dubai trip and a Visa for Dubai soon and get ready for some adventure-packed holidays. You can contact a Dubai Visa agency to get your Online Dubai Visa quickly and without any hassle or procedural delay.

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