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A Spectacular Creation Waiting for you in Dubai – The Dubai Fountain

Nothing can be more fascinating than enjoying the performance of the world’s largest musical fountain. It is one of the major tourist attractions after Burj Khalifa and the Dubai mall and can shoot up 22000 gallons in the air at any given point of time reaching a height of 150 meters above the ground level. This fountain is famous for its colorful performances resulting from over 6600 lights and over 50 color projectors. These powerful shoots move in perfect harmony with the music resulting in a captivating fountain performance it is famous for.

These performances are completely free to watch and are held daily. An average performance lasts for around 5 minutes; the evening performances begin at    6 P.M. and a new performance begins after every half an hour from the end of the previous performance. However, the fountain performances are not just restricted to the evening as two performances are held every day in the afternoon at 1 P.M and 1:30 P.M.  The perfect touch of music ranging from classical to contemporary pop makes the show even more fascinating to witness.

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One can enjoy these fountain performances from various places in the Dubai downtown including the Waterfront Promenade outside the Dubai mall and the Souk Al Bahar. If you wish to have a fantastic view to create a memorable evening then you can arrive at any of the top floor restaurants with an outdoor view of the Dubai Fountain.

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