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Etihad Museum- Come and learn about UAE’s History

The stunning and magnificent Etihad Museum has got enough to enthral a history buff- from the story of formation of UAE to sounds of the past, rare videos to pictures. Not just these, you will find the entire journey and documented details of influential figures. The breathtakingly spectacular museum in the shape of a manuscript features some of the personal artefacts like the pocket watches, spectacles, letters, stamps or even passports and is indeed one of the best museums of Middle East.

Etihad Museum renders its visitors coming from all across the globe, an insight into the history of founding of United Arab Emirates.  The Museum is especially focussed on the history from the period 1968 until 1974 and provides historic details behind the formation of UAE. Located in around 25,000 square meters of area, Etihad Museum provides not just the glimpse of the formation of UAE and declaration of the Union in the year 1971 but also educate the visitors about constitution of UAE depicting the rights, responsibilities and privileges of the citizens of United Arab Emirates. Dubai Culture runs the Etihad Museum, which was formerly known as Union House, which is a dedicated authority for culture, arts and heritage.  What makes this museum special is that it is built on the exact location or point where 44 years ago, Emirati leaders met to sign an agreement for the formation of the United Arab Emirates. It is located at 1 Jumeirah Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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The Museum is divided into eight themed pavilions, which features an open gallery dedicated to the newborn nation of United Arab Emirates, documentary about the history of UAE, interactive timeline featuring the key historic events before the formation of Union, challenges before the founding fathers of the nation before the year 1971 and much more.  Etihad Museum features many temporary and permanent exhibition halls, a library, and a theatre with capacity of 120 people, a garden, an education centre where many education and interactive programmes takes place and a cafe serving several delicacies.

The manuscript shaped structure and seven leaning columns representing the pens used to sign the declaration for the constitution of 1971 are quite magnificent and a visual delight. The opening hours of the museum are from 10am to 8 pm everyday and if you are in Dubai and history is something, which is a subject matter of interest for you, then Etihad Museum, is worth a visit. The tickets cost AED 25 for an adult and if you are going in a group of 10 or more, then the tickets will cost AED 20 per ticket. The tickets for students of age 5 to 24 cost AED 10 and the entry is free for children less than 5 years and disabled people.

So, while planning your Dubai Visa or Express Dubai Visa with your Online Dubai Visa provider, make sure you plan your travel itinerary well and include Etihad Museum to go deeper into the founding history of this nation.

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