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Layover in Dubai – Your guide to convert the waiting time into a micro trip

It’s really tiring when you have to go on a long journey and have to wait at a stopover to catch the next flight to your final destination. However, some destinations are fascinating with many exotic places to explore and one such destination is Dubai. If Dubai is a stopover destination in your journey then get ready to witness the best of Dubai in the minimum hours you have.

Dubai is a huge city with some major tourist attractions, which cannot be seen in a single day; the good news is that many of the best attractions of Dubai are located near the airport area. So, here are the top four places in Dubai which you can explore during the stopover time

Burj Khalifa – The major tourist attraction of Dubai is The Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building in the world. This iconic construction holds many records and has the highest observation deck in the world.

Grand Mosque – One of the most famous sites, which are also close to the airport, is the Grand mosque of Dubai. You can easily arrive here by taxi and snap the location, which belongs to the 1900’s.

Dubai’s Souks – Visiting the souks for shopping can be the best utilization of your layover time. This traditional market is a major attraction of Dubai and people especially apply for a short stay Dubai visa and visit this country for an amazing shopping experience.

Dubai museum – The Dubai museum is located at the Al – Fahidi Fort and is a historic construction, which dates back to the 17th century. The museum displays a beautifully maintained art gallery, which exhibits antiques of the Arabic culture, Military artifacts, old weapons and a lot more.

If Dubai is a stopover on your journey then you must have applied for your short stay Dubai visa; if you haven’t applied for the same then you can simply hire a private agency that will help you get your visa for Dubai without any inconvenience.

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