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The Mall of Emirates – Everything you need to know about the best shopping resort in Dubai

Dubai is a glittering city with plenty of luxuries and comforts desirable for a perfect holiday. The past decade has helped Dubai to earn this image and now it is a perfect place for spending long holidays, short weekends or stopover before arriving at your final destination.  However, Dubai is not just known for its luxuries and comforts it is also known for its one of a kind shopping malls. The Mall of Emirates is one of such spectacular shopping spots; this mall is actually a shopping resort with the best of shopping and entertainment options one can imagine. If Dubai is on your radar this holiday and you are ready to visit this country with your Dubai visa then it’s time to do some homework about the Mall of Emirates so that you don’t miss on any of the wonders of the place –

Shopping is primary – The Mall of Emirates has a retail space of 255489 Sq. m and houses more than 630 international brand stores. If you are a brand freak then this place has more than 80 of the most reputable brands in the world. Here you can shop for anything and everything from Fashion clothing to iconic furniture.

Fine dining – This shopping resort has the best of eateries you can dream to have at a shopping mall. The best of cafes, dining restaurants, chocolate and Ice cream parlors are some of the major highlights one can always get tempted for.

Unstoppable entertainment –The Mall of Emirates has the best of entertainment options for you. So, let’s check them out –

  • Ski Dubai – It is an astonishing snow park covering an area of 3000 square meters of snow. This place is the perfect location for the whole of your family with activities like snowboarding, Ski Slope, Chair lifts, Ski school etc.
  • Magic planet – This place is an amazing entertainment destination for the whole of your family and is one of its kinds in Dubai. This incredible place has the best of fun rides, XD theaters, games and many other entertainment attractions.
  • VOX cinema – The VOX cinema is the pioneer, which uses the best of technology to provide the desired comfort while you watch your chosen movie. This is the place where one can experience the movies like never before.


Best of events – The mall also hosts many engaging events for visitors, many of which are for the welfare of the society and for enhancing the comfort of the customers.

This isn’t the end; the Mall of Emirates has two adjoining hotels to make your shopping experience more comfortable and memorable. This mall is a must visit place during your stay in Dubai; so don’t wait any longer. Hire a private agency and fill up it’s online Dubai visa application form. They will contact you and assist you throughout the Dubai visa process so that you get your Dubai visa without any hassle.

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