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Things to do in Old Dubai

City of posh surroundings, extravagant malls and entertainment options, man-made islands and megatall skyscraper- Dubai has other side too! For a distinct cultural experience, you should include “Old Dubai” in your travel itinerary. If you want to get the feel of true Emirati culture and Dubai- then you should definitely visit the regions of Bur Dubai, Old Dubai and the Deira. So, shell out a day for the Old Dubai when you are on a trip to Dubai and experience a rich culture and traditions.

The first place to visit is the Gold Souk in the City of Gold.  Gold is cheaper in Dubai and if you wish to buy gold then head to the area of Deira where you can find traditional marketplace with over 300 jewellery shops in narrow streets.  People all around the globe visit Dubai for the precious metal as Gold is cheaper in Dubai and you can get much better prices if you bargain. From the Gold Souk exit, a walk of 5 minutes or less will lead you to the way to Grand Souk Deira where you can sense the aroma of spices, fragrances and herbs. Here you can buy some popular items like saffron, rose buds and cinnamon etc. From the textile souk here, you can get some beautiful pashmina as souvenirs for your friends or family.

Dubai creek is adjacent to the Grand Souk Deira and is very significant part of history of Dubai.   The creek was a fishing zone, pearling site and a sort of gateway for the traders for import-export before the oil was discovered in Dubai. Don’t miss the ride in an Abra which is a traditional wooden boat from the Deira Old Souk Station. In the boat you can traverse to the other side of the creek i.e. Area of Bur Dubai. From there you can next visit the Dubai Heritage Village in Al Shindagha district which is a very well preserved Arabic village showcasing the traditions and culture  of the city of Dubai. You can catch the glimpse of history of Dubai when it was just fishing and pearling nation. You can also savour on some delicious traditional Emirati food here.

Visit the Bastakia Quarter in Bur Dubai, which is one of the favourite, spots for the travellers and here you will find the very well preserved traditional Arabian homes where the rich merchants used to live once. The narrow streets of Al Bastakia and the traditional homes with wind catchers, museums and art galleries, cafes and restaurants are worth visiting in order to discover the Old Dubai. Take a walking tour and don’t forget to have Shawarma, Camel Burger and particularly the Arabian Tea at the Arabian Tea House Cafe to refresh yourself. Dubai Old Souk can also be visited in order to get some local souvenirs from the Arabic marketplace, which has hundreds of retail shops. You can find Arabian textile, food, footwear and also cheap ornaments. From here, you can walk to the Dubai Museum located in the Al Fahidi Fort to discover the amazing history of Dubai and its yesteryears.

The DIY tour of the Old Dubai would take about 6 hours or more, so shell out a day so that you have ample time to get a glimpse of traditional Arabian culture and customs. In order to get Dubai Tourist Visa or Express Dubai Visa on time, contact any Online Dubai Visa service provider and fill their Visa application form on payment of Dubai Visa Fees.

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