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Things to do in Safa Park, Dubai

One of the oldest and popular parks of Dubai, Safa Park is worth a visit if you want to explore some local parks of Dubai with your children and family at the end of your sightseeing tour to the city. If you are planning a Dubai Tourist Visa or Express Dubai Visa and a long term stay in Dubai, then apart from popular options, you should also explore some of the best parks of Dubai like the Safa Park, Mushrif Park, Al Mamzar Beach Park and many more.

This 64 hectare park located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is 10.53 Km southwest of the traditional center of Dubai along Sheikh Zayed Road. The beautiful park is lined with trees and is very popular among the fitness freaks particularly the joggers and walkers. The serene and peaceful surroundings along with a jogging track make it a perfect place for an early morning jog. So, plan an early morning walk if you are staying nearby Safa Park and enjoy the panorama around.

The park offers beautiful scenery and features three lakes, thousands of varieties of trees and bushes, over two hundred species of birds, grassy lawns, a small forest and even a hill, which offers a picturesque view of this huge park. What makes this hill even more prepossessing is the waterfall flowing out through it in the largest lake having touring boats. You can bring you picnic and enjoy different activities and leisure options available in this park. There are play areas for children, an electronic games parlour, several rides for kids, designated areas for volleyball, football and basketball, twenty-one barbecue sites and even a splendid waterway.  So, a barbecue party with your friends or family would be an absolutely great idea at Safa Park during evening!

So, those who love big green lawns and picnics in the embrace of nature, Safa Park can provide the much needed relaxation and leisure. If you love to play tennis or you love riding the bike, then you can do any of these here at Safa Park. You can hire a bike for riding on the bicycling tracks or can opt for the train ride in the park. Take a stroll along the walkways or go for a boat ride, Safa Park and its stunning beauty with iconic Burj Khalifa in background is incredibly amazing.

Besides all these facilities, there are botanical spaces and horticulture areas, separate areas for ladies and facilities for people with special needs. On the first Friday of each month, you can also enjoy a flea market at Safa Park. The Park also holds a regular Organic Friday Fruit Market where you can shop for organic stuff like groceries, fruits, vegetables, eggs, tea, locally produced honey and much more. You will also find many artisans and small businesses selling art and crafts, jewellery and other home ware. Last but not the least; you can enjoy good food and drinks in the restaurant and cafe located over here for a quick snack. The park remains open from 8 am to 11 pm everyday and Tuesdays are only for the ladies and children.

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