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Applying for Dubai Visa, Not a Tough Task!

Let`s talk about those people who feel that applying for visa is a tough job. Let me tell you, they feel so because they are unaware of the details for applying visa. First let us talk about what is Visa? Visa is an important document for an individual who wish to travel to several foreign countries. It is also referred as, entry visa and travel visa. This doesn’t mean that you are allowed to enter the country. Visa only grants you permission to arrive at the port of entry. After that an immigration officer who will decide whether you are allowed to enter the country will examine your documents or not.

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If you are planning to visit Dubai and staying in some other country, then you would definitely need a Dubai Visa to get entry in that particular country. But applying for it is not that tough as you think. For applying visa, you would need to get two colored passport photos of a specific measurement that is 4.3 by 5.5 inches. After finishing the photographs procedure, the other step is very essential. You need to get an application form for Dubai visa. The only way to get it is by downloading it from the official website of United Arab Emirates Immigration department. Do not forget to sign the application form, as the authorities would reject it. After submission of the form to United Arab Emirates, it is up to them if they want to issue visa to you or not.

You can also apply for online Dubai Visa. Many online websites can make you get the Dubai Visa. You can apply for Dubai Working Visa, Dubai Study Visa, Dubai Holiday Visa, etc. For applying you need to visit online. It takes 3 to 4 working days to get a visa for Dubai. Their professional team assures you that you receive your visa in time. After getting an approval of visa, they will send visa to your email in JPG or PDF Format. At the immigration counter, you will have to show all the printed copy and then your passport is stamped for entry.

Types of Dubai Visa:
• Transit Visa: This type of visa is for one who wants to stay in Dubai during a break journey. To get this visa, you need to come either through the respective airline, the Dubai hotel authority or through an authorized travel agent.
• Tourist Visa: This type of visa is considered as a special category visa. It is issued only for 30 days.
• Employment Visa: This visa is issued only work. The visa of the employee has to be sponsored by the employer.
• Multi-Entry Visa: This visa is issued for those who need to enter and exit Dubai more than once at the time of their travel.
So what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and go through your internet and get your Dubai Visa.

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