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Generally the type of visa needed to travel to Dubai or any other place within the United Arab Emirates, depends on various factors like a person’s nationality, purpose of visit – whether for business, pleasure, or for medical purposes etc. There are stringent rules and regulations to gain entry to any place within United Arab Emirates. There are different requirements for each person depending on his nationality to get a Dubai visa. For example, American citizens, need a valid passport that has a validity period exceeding six months from date of arrival in the UAE. Similarly, there are other requirements for a person of some other nationality to obtain a Dubai visa.


There are several types of visas like the Visit visa, Tourist visa, multiple entry visa, Transit visa etc. Before travelling to the UAE, a proper check is to be undertaken to see if the person has a valid visa.

Clear Passport Copies of the sponsor and the person being sponsored, copy of employment contract or salary certificate, travel insurance, approval letters from banks, proof of residence and address, visa application form (complete in all respects), copy of the airline tickets etc are few of the documents necessary to obtain a Dubai visa. People who hold non – standard passports and travel documents have to fulfil certain other requirements.  But, entry into the United Arab Emirates is subject to immigration approval. Visa fees once paid are generally non-refundable.

As of 2017, Indian citizens holding normal passports, which do not expire within six months from, date of arrival in Dubai and a visit visa, can obtain a visa on arrival that allows them to stay there for a period of fourteen days. This period can be extended for a further period of fourteen days and a person may apply for a Dubai visa online by himself. But, the process of obtaining a visa is a confusing one and better left to the professionals who deal with the same on daily basis. There are several agencies and service providers who help people get their Dubai visas today.

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