Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque

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Grand mosque

Abu dhabi, the capital of UAE is around 150 Kms from Dubai. The Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque is a famous monument built by HH Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. He wanted to build a structure which was blend of different cultures of the Islamic world. The architecture incorporates design inputs of artists from various countries which is visible in the modern yet period look of the Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque.

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque on the Abu Dhabi island can be seen from the three bridges connecting to the Abu Dhabi main land. It symbolizes the high status it holds in the heart of UAE citizens. The resting place of HH Sheikh Zayed is adjacent to the Mosque.

Grand mosque

The Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque is made from the same stone i.e. marble which was used in making one more famous wonder of the world, The Taj Mahal. White Macedonian and Greek Marble were used to give the Mosque its bewitching white look. The traditional Islamic floral artwork on the marble adds to the beauty and grace of the monument.

The Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque consists of 82 domes of varying sizes. The domes are inlaid with Moroccan artwork. Verses from the Holy Quran are written inside the domes in golden color. The pillars supporting the mosque are made of white marble panels. The pillars are decorated with precious and semi-precious stones. The pillars are made to look like date palms with golden colored leaves finishing the top part.

Grand mosque

The interior of the prayer halls is decorated with seven crystal chandeliers. One Chandelier that weighs about 12 tons is considered as the largest chandelier installed in a mosque. These chandeliers are made from gilded stainless steel and gilded brass. They are decorated with 24 carat galvanized Gold. Swarovski crystals are studded in the glass panels installed in the chandeliers.

The Largest Prayer hall Of the Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque which has a capacity of housing more than 40,000 people at once is inlaid with the world’s biggest hand knotted carpet. Its design and construction took over two years to complete and now it covers about 5700 square meters of the prayer hall.

grand mosque

If you are visiting Dubai then travel to Abu Dhabi just to see the majestic brilliance of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Apply for a Dubai visa for Indians and travel to Dubai to explore the Arabian wonderland.