Grab your chance to be a part of Al Gaffal Dhow Race

Al Gaffal Dhow Race

3 May – 13 May 2018


Every year since 1991 the great Al Gaffal Dhow Race takes place in Dubai. It is a 50 nautical mile race that commemorates the return of pearl fishermen who were returning home after long months at sea. Participants in this race must be from the Emirates and will leave the uninhabited island of Sir Bu Na’air to join the Dubai coast at Burj Al Arab.

Gaffal Dhow Race

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This year, this water race will take place between May 3rd and 13th. The crews of the ships will sail on dhows longer than 18 meters (the famous traditional Arab ships) in order to win awards worth millions of dirhams.

Every year, an audience from everywhere comes to see this race. It is rare to find an event reserved exclusively for native people, and this is one of the reasons why this race is an event essential to the national identity. In addition, the Al Gaffal Dhow Race is organized by the royal family. The main backer is Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, His Royal Highness. This is a rather extraordinary event, knowing also that the ships and the itirenary are rich in history. The race passes through the most impressive places on the Dubai coast and the road is the same as the one fishermen used to take when they returned from their long sea voyage, hence the name of the race “Al Gaffal” which means “the return” in Arabic.

This race is really something beautiful to behold. Seeing these hundreds of ships arriving along the beautiful coasts of Dubai is a privileged moment. If you are interested in attending this spectacular event, feel free to apply online for Dubai Visa. You can come and see the race from several places. Ferries will be specially chartered for the occasion to follow the race meadows, but you can also admire the large white sails from just about anywhere from the coast. Between Mina Seyahi and Burj al-Arab, the atmosphere is very nice and the spectacles magnificent since the ships pass very close.

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