Kidzina Dubai

Kidzania Dubai: Heady Mix of Entertainment & Learning for Kids

The creative and inspiring architecture of Dubai has gained World’s attention over years. Once a tranquil town, this emirate has emerged as an international metropolis with stupendous modern venues and state-of-the art infrastructure. The comprehensive list of jaw dropping tourist attractions that this city hosts acts as a magnet for people from all around the world. To relish the plethora of exhilarating attractions & festivity treasures apply for Dubai Visa Online now.

One such confounding amusement that not only offers entertainment but also is a source of learning & building essential skills in the little ones is Kidziana in Dubai. KidZania Dubai gives the youngster a wonderful opportunity to trail to an enchanting journey of adulthood. Playing and learning goes side by side when kids pretend to be adults for the day & play realistic- roles with fun and innovative approach. To experience the embodiment of wholesome, education & family entertainment in this made up town, hurry up and apply for Express Dubai Visa now.


Kidzina Dubai


Located in Dubai Mall, Kidzania is an interactive made up city for kids of 4-16 years of age. This edutainment spot offers kids, along with their parents a realistic physical environment to play roles and mimic activities undertaken by adults in real life. If your kids aspire to become a doctor, give them a little taste of life as a doctor by getting Dubai Tourist Visa & bringing them to Kidzania. Kidzania provides a safe, educational environment for children to live their dreams now!

The fun and innovative approach of learning adopted in Kidzania makes it the rapidly growing entertainment and learning spot in the world. The unique concept, flawless execution, entertainment & educational value offered in this edutainment center cannot be afforded to miss when you plan a trip to Dubai!

Let us take a peek at the amazing world of Kidzania Dubai!


Kidzina Dubai


Kidzania is spread over an area of 7,000 square meters in Dubai Mall. The place offers more than 100 professional roles and playing activities and over 60 city establishments to allow kids to build essential real-life skills. The role playing options include from a police officer or a fireman to an actor, a beautician or a doctor etc. Kids are offered to pick up a profession and perform the job. Just like in real lives, the earnings made can be used on entertainment and shopping!

This role play activity gives kids a wonderful learning opportunity about the responsibilities that come with being an adult.

The dummy city replicates a real small town with shops, streets, airport, buildings and a lot more. This indoor city even has its own currency, Kidzos to allow the exchange of goods and services.

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