Dubai Tourist Visa Extension 2016

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Dubai Tourism

Dubai Embassy has set different norms for Tourist visa renewal and extension. Travelers who are going to visit Dubai and have Applied For 30 Days Visa before and expected to stay more days there, can do the extension for next 30 days, during you stay in Dubai through the agency. If any tourist stays in Dubai for total 60 days and wants to apply for more stay in Dubai then there is one rule for this situation. He has to go back to his country or to other place out of Dubai. Then he can only apply after one month for another Tourist Visa Online For 30 Days validity and come back to Dubai.

On the other side, if someone gets his Service Visa, which is also known as urgent visa for a specific purpose then this visa is not extendable. Only 30 Days Visa can get extension for next 30 days. If tourist overstays beyond his visa validity then penalty of Dh100 on each overstay day takes place and that can be taken at the time of exit from the airport. If someone is not ready to pay or do not have money then Visa Ban for entry in Dubai applies. This is the reason all tourists are recommended to get their visa extension on time and inform the concern Visa Agency for any confusion clearance.

Tourist visa norms have changed, so it is better that any traveler who is in process of making planning for Dubai Holidays then check up with latest updates online. As per the new rules visitors who are less then 27 years old and traveling alone to Dubai are not entitled to get tourist visa they have to apply with their parents.

For More Info About New Regulations Of Dubai Visa, You Can Find Out With Online Dubai Visa Agency From UK.