What UAE Thinks About Live In Relationship?

This is very common practice in western countries that two person (man & woman) live together and share their personal life. What are the possibilities for these types of Couples In Dubai? Well, they are simply not allowed.

  • Live In Relationship Means
  • What Police Does For These Activities?
  • Staying In Private Room Is Illegal (With Your Partner)
  • Couples Sharing Hotel Rooms In Dubai In Reality
  • Men And Women Sharing Accommodation In Dubai


Live In Relation Ship Means:

Dubai is a Muslim country, where Sharia Law governs the social activities and people lives. Live in relationship is against this law hence cannot be practice by any mean. In live in relationship two persons live together without being married and share everything with each other. On other side you cannot live with your so called partner without marriage, if you want to live together as a couple then you have to get married first. If you do not follow this rule then this considered as.

What Police Does For These Activities?

This entirely depends upon the people around you, as the police force is less and they cannot control all the activities in one go. They do not keep checking the hotels, apartments, in public parks and ask for the marriage certificate, they take action, once someone in public around you in public place of private place watches these kinds of activities and call the police about this, and hence the police have to take action against the complaint illegal action and do the investigation.

Staying In Private Room Is Illegal (With Your Partner)

If you found staying with your partner in a single room, who is not at all in your close relationship, then this is illegal to stay with opposite sex together. This rule also applies while driving your car. This is clearly mentioned in the Muslim Law that this is illegal and you if you caught in these kinds of activities then you have to face punishment under article 356 of UAE Penal Code. Sometimes they get 6 months in jail and later they get deportation.

Couples Sharing Hotel Rooms In Dubai In Reality:

This is a usual practice that unmarried couples sharing their rooms/apartments Hotel Rooms are often shared by unmarried couples. We’ve never heard of a hotel asking for a marriage certificate, and they usually only want to see one passport.
Even if both passports are shown, eyebrows wouldn’t be raised at the different surnames since it is usual in the UAE for Arab women to keep their own surnames after getting married.
In 2009, there was a case where the Dubai Police went to a Dubai Hotel and arrested a couple sharing a hotel room. The woman’s husband had complained to the police that she was sharing a hotel room with her boyfriend who had come to visit her.

Reality, hopefully, the situation is not quite as harsh as it sounds (like many things in Dubai … unless you get caught). This is what one official was reported as saying in November 2007 (in a Gulf News article – see Unmarried couples living together in Dubai forum topic for more comments on Sharia law, culture, customs etc with respect to men and women mingling in the UAE): “Mohammad Yousuf, Deputy Director of the Dubai Courts Department, said while the Federal punitive law is implemented in the UAE, the situation is different in Dubai. The Tawajed or Tahseen Al Ma’asiya clause, he said, is not implemented in Dubai.”

And in a Gulf News Express report 09 June 2011, an advocate, Amer Syed from Al Suwaidi & Company, was quoted saying “In my experience, people are charged with living together unlawfully only if they’ve broken another law. Rarely are there cases of people hunted down for living with a member of the opposite sex, unless a tip or complaint is lodged” (however he did tell a story of a couple who were arrested, convicted, deported after the police came to their apartment to investigate a complaint made about theft by a maid).

Your place of employment can make a difference also, since usually your employer is also your sponsor and might be held responsible if you step out of line. A conservative employer, or government employer, is unlikely to view a couple living together very favorably, especially if they’re in company provided accommodation.

Men And Women Sharing Accommodation In Dubai

With respect to sharing apartments and villas, it is quite common for groups of unrelated mixed gender people to share accommodation (and sometimes even rooms but usually room mates are of the same sex) in Dubai. Again, if people do run into trouble, it’s more likely because they’ve annoyed neighbours who have complained to police about noise, alcohol in Dubai, and/or drugs in Dubai. Note that the Dubai Municipality (DM) has threatened, and evicted, bachelors, single people, and families from what they deem to be overcrowded villas. Groups of single people sharing a villa in Umm Suqeim or Jumeirah are at risk of this; however, as of 2009-2010 at least, they do not seem to be as high on the DM target list as the 50 bachelors or half-dozen families sharing a villa in Rashidiya. And classified advertisements for flat mates continue to appear in Dubai newspapers and on classified ad websites.

Couples wondering about living together in an apartment or villa in Dubai are normally unlikely to have any problems, unless they draw attention to themselves in a way that the police are prompted to get involved. As the concept of having a girlfriend / boyfriend is not generally acceptable to many non-Western cultures, you may find it more convenient to refer to your partner as your wife / husband when dealing with non-Westerners. That can smooth the path so to speak, in many circumstances; however, you won’t get away with that if you’re in a situation where the authorities want to verify your relationship. For example if your girlfriend gets pregnant in Dubai.

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