Why do I choose Dubai for my shopping?

The beautiful city of the United Arab Emirates is well known for being the city where everything is rich, big and luxurious. Dubai’s hospitality and grandeur attracts millions of visitors every year who come to enjoy the most luxurious hotels, the famous Burj Khalifa, the palm-shaped artificial island, the gigantic aquarium, the covered ski resort, etc.


One of the things that attract tourists the most is the wonderful shops in Dubai. Indeed, shopping here is almost a national sport. There’s nothing here you can’t buy. Whether its electronics, jewelry, designer brands or luxury items, you’ll find even better than what you’re looking for.


The main Dubai shopping malls are open every day until midnight; to give you time to live your dream to the end. And in August 2018, the world’s largest Apple store will open its doors right next to the Dubai Mall. You will then have an almost unlimited choice to choose your technological devices.


In Dubai, shopping addicts feel heaven. There’s something for everyone, while you’ll find what you’re looking for, whether you’re looking for brand-name products or handcrafted products. Dubai markets offer a huge range of handmade products and gigantic luxury stores will fill you for luxury brands and products.


The places not to miss for shopping are of course the Dubai Mall which is one of the largest Dubai shopping centers in the world, the Deira Gold Souk which is a traditional market and Global village, one of the main cultural and family entertainment attractions of the city. For those who want to buy electronic devices, the best place to go is Al Fahidi Street. This street is lined with electronic shops and appliances that are much cheaper than in the rest of the world since Dubai is a tax-free country.


If you come to Dubai from July 22, you will have the chance to enjoy the Dubai Summer Surprises. This great event, so long awaited every year, allows you to escape the stifling heat of summer by Dubai shopping, while enjoying sales and fun activities designed for the whole family.


If you also want to come shopping in the wonderful city of Dubai, apply online for your Visa for Dubai and come to spend a unique moment in these gigantic stores.